Notebooks, Journals, Sketchbooks, Bookbinding, Japanese stab stitch book binding.

Product Design | Nursery Mobiles | Book Binding | Nature Inspired T-Shirts

​Supporting local economies

Creating sustainable products with care for quality

Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe was a well respected revolutionary of her time and someone who fought for the people of her country.

Nehanda Design is named after this queen in her own right, a historical icon and woman who is viewed as a grandmother (Mbuya) figure by her people.

Nehanda Design is a product design company currently focusing on handmade products, supporting local economies & sharing skill.

A maker at heart, ​​Nehanda Magan studied Industrial Design gaining skills in product design & development, freehand sketching and illustration, 3D CAD modelling & rendering, branding and graphic design.​

Now in the spirit of following her passions, she continues to gain experience and knowledge in the field of product design through freelance work, while running a production of handmade custom nursery mobiles & staying true to her word of quality and care in everything she does.

Have a look around and shout if you want to chat, she's only a few clicks, taps or ticks away.​

Enjoy the journey!

Southern Guild Gallery, A New Wave Exhibition 2016



Nehanda's work has been integral in providing NinjaPool with a professional brand identity. I was extremely pleased with Nehanda's client engagement, commitment and eye for detail during the design process, which resulted in high-quality design outputs. I will definitely engage Nehanda again for any further graphic design requirements and highly recommend her services.