Tellus Rocking Lounger

Tellus: Translated into Relax or Earth in Latin, this chair is inspired by both.

Winning the Future Growth Apprenticeship Award from Southern Guild Design Foundation in 2015, I had nothing else but a rocking chair in mind, when I was given the opportunity to design and manufacture a furniture piece, facilitated by Guideline MNF, which would be exhibited at Southern Guild's A New Wave Exhibition in Aug/Sep 2016. Before I started with concept sketches, all I knew was that I wanted to provoke that combined sense of relaxation and playfulness that I get when I sit in a rocking chair.

Playfulness, because one has to let go of one’s inhibitions in the tiniest way possible to just let the chair do what it would naturally when one takes a seat. And relaxation from the smooth back and forth rocking that a curve on a straight surface brings about.

I think it’s incredibly important, as adults, to keep a sense of youthfulness about us. To not take ourselves and life too seriously. Of course to make the most of what we’re fortunate to have but, I think it’s that child-like fascination, wonder, intrigue and fun that provokes innovation and fresh ideas.

Tellus began as a completely organic form, given my love for biology and the natural living world, however due to many reasons the form evolved into a fractal, geometric interpretation of my original concept, creating a rather angular industrialized piece of furniture.

Tellus: Sharp and angular from a distance. Comforting and relaxing once you take a seat.

Materials: Mild Steel. Ash Timber. Vegetable-Tan Leather.

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