Educational Activity Work-board

In 2014 I completed a B-Tech Degree in Industrial Design at CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and chose to focus my final thesis on education due to the need for educational improvements in low-income areas around South Africa.

The research focused on alternative education, the current conditions of education in South Africa, and involved interviews with teachers, parents, educational advisers and different schools in low-income areas around Cape Town.

My design process was guided by principles of Universal Design and aimed to produce a product that would facilitate improvements in the dexterity of all children in their foundation phase of learning. The design features different attachable work surfaces with various textures for different applications like an anti-slip surface for painting, smooth surface for writing and drawing, etc.

Development on the design has led to ideas of incorporating a detachable cushion underneath the board in order for children to put the board on their laps, or detach the cushion to sit on it if the board is on the floor or a low table. We would also like to use as many recycled/recyclable materials as possible for this product in order for it to be environmentally friendly and create awareness around the importance of the materials we choose to use when making products.

As this is a work in progress I completed the thesis and first prototype with broad space for development and the aim to continue developing this product as I gain resources to do so.

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