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Suede Soft Cover | 60 page | 90gsm | 100% Recycled Blank White Paper | Upcycled leather | Handmade in Cape Town | 12cm X 10cm


Please note that colours vary according to offcuts available or a minimum order of 20 if you choose a specific colour.

A6 Suede Travel Pocket Journal

Embossed Cover Design
  • 60 pages | Blank Paper | 90gsm | 12cm X 10cm


    These Travel Notebooks are made by hand in Cape Town with care and attention to detail. The paper used for the inners is made of 100% post-consumer waste, it holds a quality perfect for pens of all sorts, and pencils.


    All leather used is collected offcuts from local industry. 

    Proceeds of paper bought from Papersmith & Sons go to Children in the Wilderness, a Non-Profit Organisation that focuses on leadership development and education about sustainable conservation of our environment for children in rural areas of Africa.