Notebooks and travel sketchbooks, handbound with attention to detail and care for quality.


A tree, bush, or shrub.

Pincushion, Pepper, Sweetpea.

Feeding sunbirds and bumble bees,

Grows and thrives in the same soil as

It’s parents, grandparents, great-grandparents,

And every ancestor before.

Cut down, uprooted and bulldosed for foreign trees to grow fast.

To grow fast for the inevitable

Felling, pulping and pressing.

Bleached white for beauty and ink


One misprint, coffee spill or tear

Into the bin With no thought or care.

To landfill to waste away a perfectly useful life,

Or rather Collected by the careful,

To process back into working life.

Smart White for the inners:

“100% Post-Consumer Recycled Waste.”

For the coffee drinkers: To cover the outers

Coffee cups reincarnate into,

Cheeky Cappuccino, Humble Hazelnut, Mysterious Mocha.

For the chocolate eaters: Cocoa shell, ground to powder,

- waste from the chocolate industry -

blended into: Crafty Cocoa Shell.

All these outers 100% biodegradable for when you’re ready to let go...